BRAHMS is a flexible database management system for botanical researchers and those managing collections in botanic gardens, herbaria and seed banks. Developed at Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, as part of our plant diversity research activities, it provides wide-ranging and innovative functionality to gather, edit, analyse and publish botanical data, optimizing its use for the widest possible range of curation services and research outputs. Find out more in English, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Botanical Research And Herbarium Management System

The BRAHMS project is part of the Plant Diversity Research group at Oxford.

Software v7.7.8 - 6 June 2016.

News about BRAHMS v8

BRAHMS is used by research institutions globally supporting collection management in herbaria, botanic gardens and seed banks; taxonomic study; botanical survey; diversity analysis; and further categories of botanical and ecological research.

Upgrade notes June 2013
Upgrade notes July 2012

As of 2016, the largest single database to date with some 5.5 million specimens runs at the National Herbarium of the Netherlands (Naturalis), accessed via terminal services by all of the main Dutch herbaria. The country with the highest number of individual projects is Brazil.

Plant Sciences

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