BRAHMS was updated to 7.6.13 on 30th August 2015

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Download BRAHMS v 7.6.13

Latest upgrade notes

BRAHMS online installation notes and files

NB Living Collections: If you have living collections stored in any v7.5 database, please back up this database and notify the BRAHMS project. It is necessary to run a separate upgrade function on Living Collections data.

Further notes, guides, articles and help with installation

Activation key

You need to be registered to login to the BRAHMS website. Once logged in, you can download a software key and access additional BRAHMS components.

Optional language resource files

Language resource files translate some BRAHMS menus and messages. Download, upzip and copy to your BRAHMS system folder. You must delete the default English resource file VFP8renu.dll. Further language options may be provided on the BRAHMS Utilities menu.

Spanish resource file
French resource file
German resource file