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Herbaria and Library

Oxford University Herbaria are located in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford. The history of the Herbaria in the Department of Plant Sciences is closely linked to that of the Oxford University Botanic Garden (founded by Henry Danvers in 1621), the oldest in England. The Oxford University Herbaria comprise two separate herbaria listed in Index Herbariorum: the Fielding-Druce Herbarium (OXF; herbarium of the former School of Botany) and the Daubeny Herbarium (FHO; herbarium of the former Department of Forestry). OXF, FHO and the xylarium (FHOw) are collectively known as the Oxford University Herbaria. A collection of rare botanical books is associated with the herbaria and is part of the Library of the Department of Plant Sciences. Oxford University Herbaria is a registered museum with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. Further information about the individual Herbaria is available on the left.

The total collection comprises some 800,000 specimens of all taxonomic groups. OXF has collections of worldwide phanerograms, including good collections of British and Irish phanerograms and European angiosperms. OXF also houses collections of algae, ferns & fern allies, fungi, slime moulds, gymnosperms, lichens, liverworts, mosses and hornworts. FHO has collections of European angiosperms, gymnosperms, non-European angiosperms, and cultivated species, together with associated collections of fruits and spirit-preserved material.

Visiting the botanical collections

Visitors are welcome to use the botanical collections within the Department of Plant Sciences. The collections are open from 9.00 – 17.00 on weekdays, when the University is open. Occasionally it may be necessary to restrict access to the collections at short notice. Therefore, we would request visitors to make appointments. Appointments to visit the Herbaria can be made by contacting the Curator of the Oxford University Herbaria and appointments to visit the rare book collection can be made by contacting Anne-Marie Catterall.

Details of the location of the Department of Plant Sciences can be found here.