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Leguminosae-mim Acacia oerfota (Forssk.) Schweinf.

Leguminosae-mim Acacia oerfota
| | Chris W. Fagg

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Species information

Has few recorded properties and uses, possibly due to the obnoxious smell when cut. Has been used in hut construction. In northern Kenya and Ethiopia, foliage and pods are sought out by camels and goats, however in western Sudan the obnoxious smell of crushed leaves deters browsing in Kordofan province. Flowers and pods are eaten by baboons. Produces gum with a positive optical rotation. Its bark is used for tanning in Sudan, and roots and bast fibre extracted for making rope (Wickens et al 1995).

Other Notes
Common names: Eritrea: Gamrat (Tigre); Ethiopia: Adjo (Gallinia), Nyangatom (Turkana); Kenya: Bilil (Pokot), Chesamas (Pokot), Eiyelel, Epetet (Turkana), Gomur , Gummr, Gumur (Somali), Gumurr (Malakote), Hoelia (Rendille), Ildepe (Masai), Ldepe (Samburu), Lebeiywa (Marakwet), Munyenya (Luhyia), Oldebe, Oldepe, Oldepee (Masai), Pelil (Pokot), Pilil (Pokot), Sobeiywa (Tugen), Wanga (Boran), Wangai (Boran), Wange (Orma); Somalia: Gomar (Somali), Gumar (Somali), Gumarr (Somali), Gumor (Somali), Ldebe (Masai); Sudan: Camerot (Beni Amer), Epet (Turkana), Gamerot (Beni Amer), La'ot, La-ot (Arabic), Olau (Hadendoa); Tanzania: Munala (Kinyaramba), Oldebe (Masai); Uganda: Epetet (Turkana). Species characteristics : Obconical shrub 1-5 m high, branching from the base, with branchlets greyish-white to yellowish green, glabrous to pubescent. Has a distinctive strong "garlic" smell when the branches are cut or bruised which can be smelt a long distance downwind. Over most of its range has winged pods. Occurs gregariously in deciduous bushland and semi-desert scrub, often on alluvium. Distribution: Ethiopia (Harerge, Shewa, Awash valley, Sidamo, Welo); Kenya (Turkana, Rift valley, Northern Frontier, Masai, Kajiado, Machakos, Eastern, Kitui, Narok, Taita, Maralal, Isiolo, Samburu, Mandera, West Suk, Baringo, North-Eastern, Marsabit); Somalia (Hiiraan, Galguduud, Shabeellaha Dhexe, Shabeellaha Hoose, Jubbada hoose, Bari, Gedo, Togdheer, Borama, Mijertein); Sudan (Darfur, Kordofan, Ash Sharqiyah, Al Wusta, Al Istiw'a'iyah, Al Kartum); Tanzania (Nzega, Lushoto, Mbulu, Masai, Lindi); Uganda (Karamoja); Eritrea; Arabia. Also occurs in Iran and Afganistan. Specimen total: 232 Degree squares: 68 Collection years: 1800-1993 Phenology : Flowering period: Jan(5), Feb(2), Mar(4), Apr(4), May(10), Jun(10), Jul(11), Aug(5), Sep(6), Oct(2), Nov(5), Dec(6); Fruiting period: Jan(10), Feb(8), Mar(13), Apr(10), May(15), Jun(18), Jul(13), Aug(18), Sep(11), Oct(9), Nov(11), Dec(9) Altitude range: 10- (400 - 1600) -1750m

Specimen information

Fagg, C. W.

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