Database software for plant and animal natural history collections, herbaria, botanic gardens and seed banks

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BRAHMS manages botanic gardens, seed banks, herbaria and other natural history collections, plant or animal, images and literature. Updated to the latest technologies, BRAHMS is scalable from the individual research project to enterprise level systems with millions of records.

BRAHMS Botanic gardens Taxonomic data Preserved specimens Seed banks Images Surveys Literature

Selectively enable modules for museum collections, botanic gardens, seed banks, surveys, taxonomy, literature and image libraries. Click areas of interest to read more...

Boost the potential of your data both off and online using powerful tools that manage, explore, analyse, map and report on your data and images.


Short videos demonstrate the versatilty of BRAHMS across a wide range of botanical and zoological projects.

The BRAHMS project is part of the wider research programme at the University of Oxford to study and document biodiversity. Explore some of the system features and video clips. Test drive the latest software with a free 60 day trial