Garden app privacy policy

  • The BRAHMS garden app software is independent from BRAHMS desktop software. It is managed and licensed by Oxford University Innovation (OUI).
  • The app receives plant record data from BRAHMS desktop via a BRAHMS RDE file. The app is used to edit these data by adding information from plant stock inventories. Data from the BRAHMS app are subsequently uploaded to BRAHMS desktop to update plant records.
  • Aside from the plant records themselves, the data passed to the app from BRAHMS desktop includes a list of names from the BRAHMS assembled names list and marked as being staff members; a list of garden locations; and various lookup values as utilized by the app to expedite data entry.
  • The app utilises the Google Maps API which returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client can detect. Before using this, users must have a Google Maps API key. Users of the BRAHMS app are bound by Google’s Terms of Service as provided here:
  • The app utilizes Syncfusion data grid management software:
  • The app is able to access a number of internet sites (currently IPNI and POWO to help with the verification of plant names.
  • Plant records data managed by the app are not shared in any way except when the user selects to physically copy app data as gathered by the app to another device. Copying app data would be the normal procedure to upload the data to BRAHMS desktop.