BRAHMS-cloudmantra Services

An increasing number of BRAHMS projects are adopting a cloud solution to manage their data. For this, we are collaborating with the cloud technology and services company cloudmantra.

BRAHMS and cloudmantra are working together to provide a range of cloud-based options for projects that prefer not to and/or are unable manage their own server resources. The cloud-based options have several benefits:

  • Data access: As a user, you can easily arrange to access your data from anywhere. Hosted on the cloud, your database can provide access to users from different locations and countries. Also ideal for those undertaking field trips, wishing to access and update their research database.
  • No CapEx: There is no capital expenditure involved to buy server, storage, networks or security devices to get started.
  • Operational Efficiency: With BRAHMS hosted on cloud, your team can focus on core tasks and thus increase operational efficiency.
  • Low TCO: Total Cost of Ownership of running BRAHMS on cloud is usually far lower than running on-premises where you have several hidden overheads.
  • Agility: 10x faster as it enables you to skip foundational effort and gets a cloud-based solution in matter of 2-3 days.
  • Flexibility: Solutions that can be accessed from any device over the browser available.

About cloudmantra

cloudmantra empowers organizations to expedite their digital transformation with Public Cloud Infrastructure, Machine Learning and Cloud-Native Applications. cloudmantra is a “born in the cloud” company that helps organizations transform from the inside out. We leverage public cloud infrastructure, build cloud-native applications, and create Machine Learning solutions to help our clients see new opportunities and revenue streams or increase operational efficiencies by optimising existing systems to securely run-on cloud.

cloudmantra has a team of technology experts who are fully trained and certified on at least one public cloud infrastructure provider. With our team of experienced engineers, we are adept at delivering solutions that empower companies to achieve their digital transformation goals. cloudmantra offers the following set of comprehensive services that have benefited 100s of companies and organizations globally:

Consulting, Managed Services & DevOps: Architect and implement & manage efficient, scalable Cloud IT infrastructure based on proven best practices. Increase your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity with DevOps

Machine Learning: Outcome driven solutions tailored to solve Industry-specific business challenges using latest Machine Learning tools and AI. cloudmantra uses both cloud-native ML as a Services or create custom stacks for Building, Training and Deploying algorithms on Cloud.

Cloud-Native Applications: cloudmantra team is proficient in developing cloud-native, hyper-scale Application that fully leverage true power of cloud. The team deep expertise and references in building applications based on Serverless Architecture and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that include building & deploying requisite hardware.

For further information on our cloudmatra services, please refer to the cloudmantra website or contact the BRAHMS project.