Licensing BRAHMS

Evaluation licences

To obtain a free 60 day evaluation copy of BRAHMS v8, apply for the evaluation software. The evaluation version comes with a task based Getting Started Guide.

No previous experience with BRAHMS is expected. You can also run through some of the video clips to see how it works. The full BRAHMS Manual can be downloaded as needed. You can test the system using the comprehensive demo database - download here. This includes all published conifer names as well as a selection of records from Oxford Botanic Garden.

If you want to trial your own data in BRAHMS, we'll be pleased to arrange a quick data migration. There is no charge for this service.

Purchasing BRAHMS

For quotations and to purchase BRAHMS with support, please visit the OUI Software Store.

If you would like to discuss your software, training and/or data migration requirements, please contact the BRAHMS licensing team at Oxford University Innovation email: .