Purchases and Renewals

You can purchase BRAHMS for permanent use with a single payment - or you can subscribe to annual payments. In both cases, license costs are broadly related to the number of users.

Single payment option: The first approach is used by projects that do not necessarily have recurring annual budgets for software items. This includes fixed duration research projects. Once you purchase BRAHMS, you are entitled to receive support and software updates for a 12-month period. After the 12-month period, you can continue to use BRAHMS but you are no longer eligible for support or updates. If you purchase a (discounted) multi-year licence, you maintain support and updates for each of these years. If, at a future date you acquire further resources, you can update your license and thus your eligibility to receive support and updates.

Annual subscriptions: The second approach is more akin to a subscription. By renewing your license annually, you maintain access to support and software updates. Given that the BRAHMS package is regularly updated with new functions and features, this is the preferred licensing mode for projects that have adequate resources.

Discounts and renewals: When purchasing BRAHMS or renewing your license, you can attract a 10% discount for a multi-year license.

Quotations: For quotations and to purchase BRAHMS with support, please visit the OUI Software Store. For further information on purchases, training and data migration requirements, please contact the BRAHMS licensing team at Oxford University Innovation email: .