Release 8.0.2 (7 September 2020)

The following release notes apply to BRAHMS v

Added Features

  • Editing plant events is now linked to permissions. Database admin can restrict which events a user may edit, optionally allowing editing of event notes where general editing is not permitted.
  • Direct printing of certain label types is now available from the plant label requests forms. Direct printing does not register label requests in the Label Requests table.
  • Plant Habit field to add to the Add Plant form.
  • The Add Plants Form now includes Plant Acquisition received as and quantity fields.
  • Determination details are now available in main grid of specimen RDE files allowing direct entry, or match transfer import of primary determination information for the specimen.
  • Added ability to create new author/collector (etc.) name combinations directly in the assembled name strings grid.
  • An RDE for common names has been added.
  • The RDE species lookup copy to rank option now always defaults to ‘All Ranks’.
  • Adjustments to the Active Directory User addition. It is now possible to load and select, or type, the short domain name prefix to be added to a user’s SAM Account Username to match what is used when a user logs in.
  • A new tool added to the Families grid to add an Indet. Species record for all families to represent any name only identified to the family level.
  • The Find and Replace tool now respects Data Grid filters and also adds an edit history record for all changes.
  • A new Entity selection tool added. This allows selection of the correct entity using any of its linked species and/or common names. It does not currently work for hybrid formula names.
  • Additional views for production propagation and trial propagation via a filter mechanism for the propagation records table are now available.
  • All plants derived from an acquisition being propagated are now displayed on the propagation form Plants Tab. Plants added from a propagation (i.e. have a propagation number) are displayed in bold.
  • A right-click context menu has been added to all data grid views providing quick access to commonly-used Grid Data menu options.
  • Feedback on export tagged records progress is now given.
  • Ability to restrict Custom field addition now available in user permissions.
  • Ability to restrict Find/Replace tool use now available in user permissions.
  • RDE Autofill of a default acquisition number for new Acquisitions is now available in the Plant RDE file.
  • Addition of a new tab to the Plants form displaying Zoom records and ‘Go to Record' buttons for the related Acquisition, Collection Event (wild origin) and species.

Bug Fixes

  • SQLite Acquisitions summary recalculation caused an error.
  • Occasional edit mode error when a new record is being added.
  • RDE first record added did not correctly use lookups unless file was closed and re-opened.
  • “Supplied as” registered as an Acquisitions lookup did not work in RDE files.
  • When grid row filters were used in combination with other filters (e.g. summary tool and quick filters), the filters remained applied but the row filter text was lost.
  • Specimen grid view was reported as slow to respond.
  • Web Connect image uploads would cause an error if the file existed already.
  • Using System > Manage Database Projects > Edit was not saving edited Project titles/Descriptions.
  • When creating a new SQLite database, the new name was not correctly stored in the connection string.
  • Using the Edit Lookup values tool from the edit menu in RDE caused system freezes.
  • Filtering on some dynamically calculated fields in some grids caused an error.
  • The species tool to tag synonyms of tagged records caused an error.
  • On the species form, it was not possible to add a space to range notes text.
  • In RDE files (specimens), the species lookup option ‘Go to Accepted’ was not working.
  • RDE manager ‘Update all’ caused an error.
  • Fixes to specimen RDE Type-species re-import caused by 'IsNewType' flags not being reset prior to analysis.
  • Fix bug in Move Plants form where saving the record caused a conflict due to altered Last Modified On/By data.
  • Fixed issue with linking dets to specimens via the specimen grid link dets function.
  • Fixed bug in RDE Description during total records count causing an error when no data-source was present.
  • Fixed bug when checking for a restricted Living Collection Event and no restrictions existed.
  • Removed incorrect read-only restriction from “Received As Taxon” in the Living Accessions grid.
  • Fixed bug in RDE import of living collections where the generated Plant ID did not respect the current plant id configuration rules for the destination database.