Release 8.0.3 (10 October 2020)

The following release notes apply to BRAHMS v 8.0.3. 12660

Added Features


  • Changes to start up and sign-out: The main window is displayed before the login window is presented. It is now easier to sign-out, to change data locations, and/or the current user identity.
  • Navigation controls for background image slideshows (user images/Bing image of the day) are now available in the status bar.
  • Bing image of the day backgrounds are saved to your pictures folder in a subfolder called BingIOTD along with description/copyright text.
  • In System Options, the Data Grid options have been reordered. The Column Header sort option now comes first and spacing between the 3 available options has been reduced to aid visibility. The dark grey background has been removed.
  • A new 'operating mode' has been added to BRAHMS on the System > Options > Entity options tab. This adjusts the data available and visible in various data grids and in particular, on the species, collection event and living accession (acquisition) forms. The available operating modes are 1. Standard mode: this is the default standard BRAHMS operating mode with direct links to species names throughout the system; 2. Entity mode: this hides direct links to species data throughout the system but instead, provides links to Entity names. 3. Mixed Mode: This provides access to both Species and Entity level information. It is possible to override the default operational mode setting for certain users or user roles using an override flag in the user permissions setup. Further details on the use of entities will shortly be added to the manual.


  • The ability to share Tag Groups has been added along with a new permission option to allow/disallow tag group sharing.
  • A new function to randomly tag a number or percentage of records.
  • Improved efficiency of Tag Transfer tool.
  • A visual indicator of tag transfer progress is now shown.


  • It is now possible to edit a saved filter set and save it with a new name.
  • A bracket reset button has been added to the Advanced-Filter Tool.
  • It is now possible to filter directly from 'My Saved Queries' in the Advanced-Filter Tool using the existing 'Apply Filters' button or the new 'Run' button.
  • New filter row move buttons (top, up, down and bottom) are available in the Advanced-Filter Tool (design mode) to allow re-ordering of filter rows.


  • It is now possible to optionally add Accession (Acquisition) and Wild Origin (Collection Event) data to Living Collection reports.
  • It is now possible to optionally add Collection Event data and Determination data (for all or current dets only) to Specimen Reports.
  • Progress is now displayed during the data preparation phase for reports run from any data grids.
  • Report Data peparation has been adjusted to use property names as column names but also adds column headers as captions. Linked data columns will always uses the column header but with spaces and periods removed for the column name and the column header unaltered as the caption. These changes should help make report design easier.
  • Data containers are now better managed during Report creation reducing the possibility of memory leaks.

Botanic Garden Management

  • Garden assignment (in user setup) is now fully respected throughout the Living Collections Module and all associated lookup dialogues (plants, acquisitions and garden locations) and garden related edit functions. A garden specific filter is available which defaults to a user’s assigned garden and optionally allows read-only access to non-assigned garden records.
  • A determinations (plant identification) grid has been added to the Living Collections Module menu.
  • An AGM flag was added to Entity data to indicate an "Award of Garden Merit".
  • An option is provided to set the default setting on the plant name change form when it is opened: All plants; Current Plant Only; Users Last Selection.


  • A text field for the Family APG System has been added to the Families grid/form. The Family APG System, Family local reference code and Family Museum/Institute code have been made visible in genus data. These fields plus the Genus Location Reference code, Genus Store Number and Genus Nuseum/Institute code are also available in the Species view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes issue in RDE Living where Garden name was set to be read-only and had an incorrect lookup to garden localities. Adds new toolbar button to autofill empty gardens from a selected record with a non-empty garden name.
  • Fixes issues with adding a new determination and setting it as 'current'(also adds feedback during updates to Identification records).
  • Fixes error thrown when deleting propagation data having associated stratification and/or emergence records.
  • Fixes refresh issues after changing a name in the living accessions grid.
  • Disallows access to Project Member configuration data when a user is not yet logged in (affected the Main Window and RDE and Map modules).
  • Fixes issue where newly added garden localities were not visible due to a missing botanic garden identifier
  • Fixes a bug in display of Taxon Descriptions for species (the data was stored correctly but references appeared to be linked to other records with similar names.)
  • Fixes bug which failed to corrctly clear tags on request during Tag Transfer operations. When no records were available to tag, the existing tags were not cleared.
  • Fixes some issues with living collection accession/acquisition and plant identifier rules setup.
  • Added a missing Genus grid property (Genus Number).

Release 8.0.2 (7 September 2020)

The following release notes apply to BRAHMS v

Added Features

  • Editing plant events is now linked to permissions. Database admin can restrict which events a user may edit, optionally allowing editing of event notes where general editing is not permitted.
  • Direct printing of certain label types is now available from the plant label requests forms. Direct printing does not register label requests in the Label Requests table.
  • Plant Habit field to add to the Add Plant form.
  • The Add Plants Form now includes Plant Acquisition received as and quantity fields.
  • Determination details are now available in main grid of specimen RDE files allowing direct entry, or match transfer import of primary determination information for the specimen.
  • Added ability to create new author/collector (etc.) name combinations directly in the assembled name strings grid.
  • An RDE for common names has been added.
  • The RDE species lookup copy to rank option now always defaults to ‘All Ranks’.
  • Adjustments to the Active Directory User addition. It is now possible to load and select, or type, the short domain name prefix to be added to a user’s SAM Account Username to match what is used when a user logs in.
  • A new tool added to the Families grid to add an Indet. Species record for all families to represent any name only identified to the family level.
  • The Find and Replace tool now respects Data Grid filters and also adds an edit history record for all changes.
  • A new Entity selection tool added. This allows selection of the correct entity using any of its linked species and/or common names. It does not currently work for hybrid formula names.
  • Additional views for production propagation and trial propagation via a filter mechanism for the propagation records table are now available.
  • All plants derived from an acquisition being propagated are now displayed on the propagation form Plants Tab. Plants added from a propagation (i.e. have a propagation number) are displayed in bold.
  • A right-click context menu has been added to all data grid views providing quick access to commonly-used Grid Data menu options.
  • Feedback on export tagged records progress is now given.
  • Ability to restrict Custom field addition now available in user permissions.
  • Ability to restrict Find/Replace tool use now available in user permissions.
  • RDE Autofill of a default acquisition number for new Acquisitions is now available in the Plant RDE file.
  • Addition of a new tab to the Plants form displaying Zoom records and ‘Go to Record' buttons for the related Acquisition, Collection Event (wild origin) and species.

Bug Fixes

  • SQLite Acquisitions summary recalculation caused an error.
  • Occasional edit mode error when a new record is being added.
  • RDE first record added did not correctly use lookups unless file was closed and re-opened.
  • “Supplied as” registered as an Acquisitions lookup did not work in RDE files.
  • When grid row filters were used in combination with other filters (e.g. summary tool and quick filters), the filters remained applied but the row filter text was lost.
  • Specimen grid view was reported as slow to respond.
  • Web Connect image uploads would cause an error if the file existed already.
  • Using System > Manage Database Projects > Edit was not saving edited Project titles/Descriptions.
  • When creating a new SQLite database, the new name was not correctly stored in the connection string.
  • Using the Edit Lookup values tool from the edit menu in RDE caused system freezes.
  • Filtering on some dynamically calculated fields in some grids caused an error.
  • The species tool to tag synonyms of tagged records caused an error.
  • On the species form, it was not possible to add a space to range notes text.
  • In RDE files (specimens), the species lookup option ‘Go to Accepted’ was not working.
  • RDE manager ‘Update all’ caused an error.
  • Fixes to specimen RDE Type-species re-import caused by 'IsNewType' flags not being reset prior to analysis.
  • Fix bug in Move Plants form where saving the record caused a conflict due to altered Last Modified On/By data.
  • Fixed issue with linking dets to specimens via the specimen grid link dets function.
  • Fixed bug in RDE Description during total records count causing an error when no data-source was present.
  • Fixed bug when checking for a restricted Living Collection Event and no restrictions existed.
  • Removed incorrect read-only restriction from “Received As Taxon” in the Living Accessions grid.
  • Fixed bug in RDE import of living collections where the generated Plant ID did not respect the current plant id configuration rules for the destination database.