Support and Development

Updated 16 March 2024

BRAHMS licensing and support are managed by Oxford University Innovation (OUI).

By setting up appropriate licensing, OUI, together with the BRAHMS project, ensure that projects get the service and support they require. Once licensed, projects receive overall technical support from the BRAHMS project by default. In some cases, additional support agreements are arranged, for example to fast-track specific categories of assistance.

For further information on BRAHMS training and costings, please refer to our contacts page.

The Support and Development Team

Based at Oxford

Sandra Ainsua Martinez

Sandra Ainsua Martinez leads the BRAHMS licensing team at Oxford University Innovation (OUI). Sandra has been working on BRAHMS since October 2020 and welcomes questions from anyone who is interested in licensing BRAHMS v8.


Werther Vecchiato is a member of the BRAHMS licensing team at Oxford University Innovation (OUI). Werther joined the team in August 2021 to facilitate BRAHMS adoption and operation worldwide.


Amelia Kløverød Griffiths is a member of the BRAHMS licensing team at Oxford University Innovation (OUI). Amelia has several years’ experience of supporting software projects and companies, and has worked on BRAHMS since January 2022.

Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards coordinates the development of the plants database at Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum. As well as having experience in biodiversity informatics, Sarah is a tutor in Ethnobiology and Biological Conservation at the Institute of Human Sciences in Oxford.


Denis Filer is the BRAHMS project coordinator. Aside from software development, special interests include working with data from museums and botanic gardens, diversity analysis and streamlining checklist, flora and monograph production.


Stephen Harris is the Druce Curator of Oxford University Herbaria with a broad range of valuable inputs to BRAHMS over the years. He is also responsible for publishing the Oxford Plants400 website.


William Hawthorne is a botanist and ecologist at Oxford Plant Sciences with a wealth of experience in West Africa and other tropical regions. He has developed Rapid Botanical Survey methods for vegetation sampling.

Ben Jones.jpg

Ben Jones is the Arboretum Curator at Oxford University's Botanic Garden and Arboretum. Alongside his role as Curator, his research focuses on bioquality hotpots within the Ethiopian and Japanese floristic regions.


Andrew Liddell works on all aspects of BRAHMS v8 software development as well as the BRAHMS online (BOL) system.

Based elsewhere

Matt Buys

Matt Buys is the curator of the National Forest Herbarium in New Zealand managing the largest reference collection associated with forestry in that country.

Benny Bytebier

Benny Bytebier has worked with and contributed to Brahms since 1994. He is the Curator of the Bews Herbarium (NU) in South Africa and is interested in Orchidaceae.

Jeanine Velez Gavilan, botanist and curator of the MAPR herbarium in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Together with other researchers, she aims to develop a common database for the Puerto Rican Flora.

Saw Leng Guan, Research Fellow of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Malaysian palm specialist, now working for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia and the Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak.

Mike Hopkins is the curator at National Institute of Amazonian Research (INPA) in Brazil. He gives frequent training courses in BRAHMS in Latin America.

Matt Lobdell is the Head of Collections and Curator at the Morton Arboretum also assisting with the further development and improvement of the BRAHMS living collections module.

Annalisa Managlia is the curator of Bologna University Herbarium. She coordinates the management, preservation and digitization of the collections and is responsible for the herbarium database websites.

Lawrence Monda

Lawrence Monda is the technical director of BHL Africa, the technical liaison for GBIF Kenya and ICT Manager at the National Museums of Kenya. Together with others at NMK, he is helping to establish BRAHMS projects in several African countries.

Tim Pearce, a long term contributor and trainer with BRAHMS, especially in East Africa, works at the RBG Kew Millennium Seed Bank. He is involved with the development of the seed bank module.

Helena Joseane Raiol Souza works at the herbarium of Embrapa Amazônia Oriental in Belém, North Brazil where, amongst other things, she manages the BRAHMS database. She has given many BRAHMS courses at various Brazilian herbaria.

Li-song Wang is a taxonomist at Chinese National Herbarium (PE) working on Apiaceae, He is involved with the use of BRAHMS in Chinese language environment since 2003.

Jan Wieringa taxonomic botanist and researcher at Naturalis has contributed heavily to all aspects of BRAHMS, especially for herbarium curation and diversity analysis.