Botanical Research And Herbarium Management System Resources

Resource Resource Description
BRAHMStraining2016.pdf BRAHMS 2016 training guide
BRAHMS.CHM The main BRAHMS help file
InstallingBRAHMS.pdf BRAHMS installation and upgrading
ConservationAssessmentModuleBRAHMS.pdf Conservation Assessment Module (CAM)
Creatingfieldviews.pdf Creating field views
Backingupdata.pdf Do you back up your data?
Specimen_imaging_and_data_capture.pdf Guidelines for specimen image capture and image based data entry (June 2017)
EnteringDataFromImages.pdf Entering data from Images (2013 version)
AssembleValues.pdf Flexible editing tools to assemble and summarise different values for a selected field.
OPS2012 OBG.pdf Managing living collections at Oxford Botanic Garden - Oxford Plant Systematics article.
BRAHMSLivingCollections.pdf Managing living collections in botanic gardens.
onlineloans.pdf Online herbarium transactions: image based loans.
BRAHMS-PPI.pdf Phenological predictability index in BRAHMS, a tool for herbarium-based phenological studies.
PlantUsesModule.pdf Plant uses module
ExportingLAPI and API.pdf Procedures are described for generating XML files for API and LAPI
MatchingBotanicalRecords Jan2013.pdf Procedures to compare 2 databases and update one from the other.
Taxonomic accounts.pdf Revisions and monographs - using BRAHMS to help prepare taxonomic accounts
Textreporting.pdf Text reporting for checklists, taxonomic accounts and other reports
barcodes in brahms.pdf Using barcodes
brahms-publishonline.pdf Article on publishing online
BOL Setup.pdf BRAHMS online installation and setup
BRAHMSWebConnect.pdf BRAHMS WebConnect. Website development and publishing online from BRAHMS.
BOLintroFAPESP.pdf Example online screens (FAPESP)
MSBP Data Warehouse help document.pdf Millennium Seed Bank online service
5. DATA Global list of families and genera for higher plants. Can be imported to BRAHMS or registered as an external reference file. List of author names. Can be imported to BRAHMS or registered as an external reference file, normally the latter.
6. TROUBLESHOOTING Ole error code in Windows 7 or 8 often means you need to register the file MSCOMCTL.OCX. A readme pdf is provided here.