Migrating Data to BRAHMS

Getting started with a new data management system requires some planning - and a key part of that is how to migrate any existing data you have. The complexity of this task is not related to the quantity of data but rather how your data are organised. As a rule, the software used to store the data (e.g. MS Access, Excel spreadsheets, DBF files, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or other specialised collection management systems) is less important than the complexity of the table relationships.

The BRAHMS team has many years of experience importing and exporting data from different sources and as part of this process, we also check data integrity and help standardise data where possible.

"We have been using BRAHMS v7 for many years now and were delighted to see how easy it has been to transfer our dataset over to the new v8." (Tim Pearce, RBG Kew Millennium Seed Bank Partnership)

We can usually offer a free test migration of your data. This would generally be a partial migration allowing you to evaluate BRAHMS using your own data.

For complete data migrations, we would first evaluate the complexity of the task and provide you with a quotation. Inevitably, complex migrations require some discussion to ensure your data are provided exactly as required. For further details, please contact Oxford University Innovation -

If you already have data in an evaluation system, these data are easily updated to the fully licenced version of BRAHMS.

NB. For BRAHMS version 7 users, a function is provided to export all your data to v8 via XML.