Sample databases

The conifer database (A.Farjon, RBG Kew) includes all published conifer names (accepted names and synonyms) with nomenclatural details, IUCN conservation codes, TDWG (Taxonomic Database Working Group) geographic distribution codes, species descriptions and more. It also includes specimen data across the group, almost all referenced for mapping. Species descriptive texts have been truncated for copyright reasons. Comprehensive information about this database and the four key publications it has help to produce is provided in the 2010 training guide. Aljos Farjon is pleased that these data are to be used for training purposes. However, if you wish to use the data for research publications or any other purpose beyond training, consult first with Aljos Farjon [].

The Leucaena database (C. E. Hughes, Plant Sciences, Oxford) includes data on more than 2800 specimens lodged in 26 herbaria (A, AAU, BISH, BM, CAS, CR, EAP, F, FHO, G, HAL, HEH, K, LAGU, M,MEXU, MO, NY, OXF, PMA, QAME, TEFH, TEX, UC, US and W). Detailed field notes, common names, phenology and wild/cultivated codes, and duplicate records are included and the majority of specimens (2393) have accurate geographical data (Lat/Long). Full nomenclature including name status (accepted, basionym, heterotypic synonym, excluded etc.), synonymy and protologues are included in the database and TYPE collections are linked to names. Associated research material (nodules, wood, photos, bruchids, seed, dried leaves etc.) is cited. The database also includes a comprehensive bibliography.