The conifer database

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A species richness map prepared using BRAHMS online showing areas with the highest numbers of different taxa.

The conifer database has been provided by Aljos Farjon, RBG Kew - a taxonomist of gymnosperms and chair of the IUCN Conifer Specialist Group. If you wish to use the data for a research publication or any other purpose beyond training, kindly consult first with

The conifer database includes all published conifer names with nomenclatural details, IUCN conservation codes, TDWG geographic distribution codes, species descriptions and more. It also includes specimen data across the group, almost all referenced for mapping. Species texts (e.g. description) have been truncated to a maximum of 500 characters.

The conifer database has been used to help publish a number of publications including:

The Conifers of the World database is also available online.