Sample database installation

The sample databases consist of complete BRAHMS database projects.

  1. Download the sample database zip files you want (;
  2. Open the zip file directly into C:\ or another drive as appropriate. This action will automatically create the folder c:\brahmsdata-leuc or c:\brahmsdata-conifers;
  3. Ensure that your sample database(s) are registered in your database/project list. Log into BRAHMS and select File > Database manager then Tools > Add sample databases. Note that this step can also be carried out manually using the Add button when viewing the project list in the database manager;
  4. If necessary, right-click in the Project Data Directory field to locate the correct database folder, for example D:\brahmsdata-conifers, assuming you installed the Conifers sample on your D drive.
  5. Log out of BRAHMS and then log in again - choosing the correct database project from the login list. Assuming you have recently installed BRAHMS, log in as Administrator using the default password 'A';