Training events

Training courses can be organised either at your institution or in Oxford. Courses are tailored to suit your requirements and may range from a series of half-day sessions to a full week.

Training courses are usually based on the BRAHMS introductory guide or in the case of botanic gardens, the botanic gardens version of this. Assuming you have data to hand, we will use your own data as far as possible. A minimum of 3 days is required to cover the contents of the training guide and we recommend a further day to assimilate data and resolve queries.

The step by step instructions, examples and tasks in the guide have been designed to give structure to training courses, allowing students to work at their own rate as well as providing a printed document to work against and keep as a permanent reference.

The guide is suitable for beginner and intermediate level courses and is used to cover all the fundamental aspects of using BRAHMS. Beyond this, courses then focus on the type of data to be managed, with the emphasis on the selected area(s) of interest. Examples are herbarium curation, botanic garden data, seed banking, taxonomic revision, diversity analysis, how to work with images, mapping and conservation assessments.

For further information on BRAHMS related visits or training please visit our contacts page.