My sincere appreciation and thanks go to:

Everyone who contributed with data and images of living plants

Susanne Renner is my Ph.D. supervisor and always provided strong intellectual support during the development of the database and the website.

Theodor C.H. Cole is a German-American biologist, renowned lexicographer, teacher, and mentor -- who provided much appreciated editorial support in reviewing this website.

Harald Loose, Andreas Richter, and Achim Hörmann are horticulturists at the Botanical Garden of Munich and helped me to cultivate and maintain the living collection of Caricaceae.

Mike Hopkins introduced me to BRAHMS, developed the imaging process, and helped me a lot with fox pro commands.

Denis Filer is running BRAHMS and provides strong support in building the database.

Andrew Liddell is working on the BRAHMS online system and always responds quickly to my demands on the most dreamed full species report, besides other needs to improve this website.

Carmen Emilia Benítez of the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Maracay, botanist expert on Solanaceae of Venezuela and former student of Victor Badillo. She was of great help during my stay at the Herbarium Victor Badillo, providing me with valuable information on Victor Badillo and his work.

The Brazilian National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq) provided a four-year scholarship for my Ph.D.

The German Research Foundation (DFG RE 603/13) funded the project entitled "A cybermonograph and phylogeny of the papaya family, Caricaceae: providing the context for the fully sequenced genome of a worldwide crop".

Ray Ming supported a field trip to Mexico in 2012 with part of his grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) Plant Genome Research Program (Award No. DBI-0922545)