Summary of the methods and design of the project

The three main project components were curation (mostly data-basing), training, and dissemination. By the project's conclusion, a significant portion of the HN herbarium was be databased, imaged, and mounted; national park and herbarium staff and students are able to generate and record key data; and a newly established website will facilitate outreach and access to the data. NYBG installed a professional imaging station identical to its own. The project trained HN herbarium staff and students in BRAHMS (as in the JRS-funded Southwestern Amazon project) who then databased, geo-referenced, imaged, and mounted all specimens for 11 selected plant families. Taxonomy was updated by participating taxonomic specialists.

During the project's second year, NYBG hosted a training and planning visit by our principal Vietnamese botanical counterpart. We have sent duplicates of the collections made during the project to the network of active specialists for Southeast Asia flora that NYBG has assembled between 2011-2015. In the final year, we are linking the database and Web content to the website of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.