How the data, methods, and systems will be actively shared

Vietnam's national herbarium contains a wealth of inaccessible information about the country's flora, and the overarching goal of this project is to make the most immediately useful information available to the scientific community and the public, including the Vietnamese botanical community. Our host institution, the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), and its subsidiary the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR), both have websites (; The former in particular long posted stories about science news and new species of fauna, but had little about flora, so now a vehicle exists for the Vietnamese botanical community to share news, data, and opinions. HN has already posted several blogs on the IEBR Web site, and recent publications of new plant species are available on the HN site. Through this project, we have used BRAHMS WebConnect ( to create a Web page linked to the VAST site that can provide access to the growing database and perform "live" downloads of checklists for taxonomic groups and/or geographical subdivisions. In addition, we will help VAST post a new species corner, profiles of economic plant species, and news about and results from scientific meetings.

Replicating a strategy we used to produce the first catalogue of Acre, Brazil, NYBG has corresponded with numerous taxonomists to develop a responsive network of ca. 150 taxonomic specialists to whom we will send duplicates of historic and recent collections in exchange for identifications and feedback regarding distributions and rarity.