Ipomoea Project
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Welcome! This website provides access to all data and resources produced in the Ipomoea Project, including taxonomic information, species descriptions, collection records, pyhlogenetic trees and much more. Please note: this site is currently under development. We are actively working to add new features and tools and to fix bugs and errors. Please let us know if you find any problem.

  • - Total names in the database: 2,866 (807 accepted taxa)
  • - Total botanical records in the database: 72 (123 specimens)
  • [06/01/2020] - New botanical records added to the database: Ipomoea aemilii (O'Donell) J.R.I.Wood & R.Degen, I. cardenasiana O'Donell, I. cordillerae J.R.I.Wood & Scotland, I. malpighipila O'Donell, I. padillae O'Donell, I. pampeana P.P.A. Ferreira & Miotto, I. prolifera J.R.I.Wood & Scotland and I. stuckertii O'Donell.
  • [20/12/2019] - List of accepted species and synonyms added to the database.

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