About this website

The Home Page

This site documents the 20 conifers currently housed at the Oxford Botanic Garden. Clicking on a tree map on the homepage will query the database and bring up a number of pictures of the tree. Each plant has at least two images (habit and label). In some cases, more pictures are provided showing additional features of the plant.

tree map tree map

The Search Tab

The search function is linked to the BRAHMS database where information about all the plants at the Oxford Botanic Garden is stored. We are able to use the search function to examine the 20 conifers found at the Botanic Garden. The first page of the search function allows you to search by a number of different methods, for example by family or genus. An example search on Pinaceae and Taxodiaceae:

tree map

The Stats Tab

The Stats tab sums up the data on the 20 conifers at the Botanic Garden.

The Results of a search

The results of a search will bring up a summary of the results from the search. Take for example if we searched Cephalotaxaceae:

tree map

The key point from this table is that from a search of Cephalotaxaceae we find that in the botanic garden there is one living collection, and we have 5 images of this plant. We can now click on the either the Living Tab or the Images Tab to find more about the plant. The living tab gives us more information about the plant and also gives us the option to view the plant on google maps or google earth so you can go and find it for yourself in the botanic garden.

tree map

Click on the Map tab or the Earth tab (for Google Earth). This will allow you to zoom in and find the exact location of the tree in the Botanic Garden. With the map and also the pictures of the conifers you should be able to find all 20 confers at the Botanic gardens.