Palaeobotanical collection

This site comprises details and images of a collection of 115 palaeobotanical microscope slides housed in OXF. The collection is primarily used for teaching.

One hundred and one slides were acquired before 1912, 12 slides were acquired in 1929 and two slides have uncertain acquisition dates. One hundred and thirteen of the slides are accompanied by notes made in a separate notebook. The majority of the early slides were made by Lomax, whilst the slides acquired in 1929 were cut by Hemingway from Rhynie Chert. Nine of the slides have apparently been lost.

The names are those which appear on the slides or in the accompanying notebook. No attempt has been made to bring names up-to-date. Where possible each record comprises an image of the slide, a close-up of the specimen and the relevant pages from the notebook.

The following taxa are represented in the collection:
  • Pinopsida: Amyelon; Cordaites; Dadoxylon.
  • Cycadopsida: Crossotheca; Heterangium; Lagenostroma; Lyginodendron; Lyginopteris; Medullosa; Sutcliffia; Trigonocarpus.
  • Pteridophyta: Botryopteris; Psaronius; Rachiopteris; Stauropteris; Zygopteris.
  • Lycopodiophyta: Asteroxylon; Bothrodendron; Lepidocarpon; Lepidodendron; Lepidostrobus; Miadesmia; Sigillaria; Spencerites; Stigmaria.
  • Equisetopsida: Calamites; Calamostachys; Sphenophyllum.
  • Rhyniopsida: Rhynia.
  • Horneophytopsida: Horneophyton.
  • Fungi: Palaeomyces.

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All images taken by John Baker.

Note: The data and images available on this site may only be used for scientific purposes. They may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. All images are copyright of the University of Oxford, unless otherwise indicated.