The VNM Herbarium, named after HM, founded more than 100 years, belongs to Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB). The VNM Herbarium currently houses ca. 100,000 specimens of more than 10,000 vascular plant species and about 400 type specimens of 50 families.

Most of specimens were collected in the Indochina by Julien Herbert Auguste Jules Harmand , Clovis Thorel, L. Pierre, Auguste Jean Baptiste Chevalier, Paul Alfred Petelot, etc. from 1861 to 1954, considered as fundamentals for the publication of the "Flore Générale de l'Indochine" and several thousands of exchanged specimens from some Asian countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore.

Other collections mainly include materials from South Vietnam such as Central Hightland, Bu Gia Map National Park, Nui Chua National Park, Logo-Xamat National Park, Hon Ba National Reverse, etc. dating from 1954. Annually, the VNM Herbarium is added more than 500 specimens from ITB collectors or MO between ITB and P, between ITB and Kyushu University (FU) or between ITB and University of South Carolina (American), etc.

This online service provides access to herbarium specimen data and images at the VNM Herbarium. This website is development, and more information will be added in the future. Please forward us your determinations and notify us of any error that you may find in this dataset.

History of the Herbarium

  • From 1861 to 1954: founded and managed by the Scientific Institute of Indochina.
  • From 1954 - 1975: managed by the Institute of Agronomic Research (Saigon).
  • From 1975 - 1978: managed by the Southern Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.
  • From 1978 - 1993: managed by the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) of Vietnam.
  • From 1993: belonging to Institute of Tropical Biology (ITB).


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