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This online service provides access to herbarium specimen data and images at the Singapore herbarium - SING. The database may not be free from error and is to be used with discretion. Please forward us your determinations and notify us of any errors you may discover.

Not all specimens have been databased. The database is updated annually and we are currently scanning all our type specimens at a higher resolution to better serve your research needs.

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The Singapore herbarium houses a main collection of about 750,000 specimens, as well as a supporting spirit collection. The herbarium collections mainly include materials from the Malesian region (Peninsular Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Guinea) and adjacent areas (East Asia, mainland SE Asia, the Southwest Pacific), with the most extensive collections from Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia dating from the 1880s. Out of these, about 8000 are type specimens.

The Herbarium sends material on loan and exchange only to recognized botanical institutions (see Index Herbariorum), both locally and abroad.

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