Revisions and monography

The Department of Plant Sciences has a long history of botanical monography and taxonomy dating back to Robert Morison's monograph of Umbelliferae in the 17th century.

In recent times, we have published major monographic studies for a range of tropical taxa including Chrysobalanaceae, Lecythidaceae, Pinus, Strobilanthes, Andira, Leucaena, and Aglaia.

Most recently Robert Scotland & John Wood have pioneered 'Foundation Monographs' which aim to accelerate the pace of taxonomic revisions of large problematic groups Creating a fast-track for accurately classifying plants.

The first two foundation monographs were published in 2015 on Convolvulus and Ipomoea in Bolivia.

Oxford taxonomy alumni include Joseph Banks, Mark Carine, Martin Cheek, Aljos Farjon, Ray Harley, David Harris, Colin Hughes, David Mabberley, Terry Pennington, Toby Pennington, Ghillean Prance, Tiina Särkinen, Frank White, Tim Whitmore, Alexandra Wortley, and many others.

Selected publications since 1992

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