Oxford Tropical Forestry Papers
(1968 - present)

Formerly, Fast Growing Timber Trees of the Lowland Tropics.

A valuable series of occasional papers on a variety of aspects of tropical forests and forestry, many of which are the definitive summaries of knowledge on particular species and methodologies, are brought together here.

TFP Title Author
1 Gmelina arboreaLamb, A.F.A.
2 Cedrella odorataLamb, A.F.A.
3 The AraucariasNtima, O.O.
4 Pinus merkusiiCooling, E.N.G.
5 Terminalis ivorensis. Fast Growing Timber Trees of The Lowland TropicsLamb, A.F.A.; Nitima, O.O.
6 Pinus caribaeaLamb, A.F.A.
7 Pinus patulaWormald, T.J.
8 Eucalytus camaldulensisEldridge, K.G.
9 Pinus kesiyaArmitage, F.B.; Burley, J.; Browne, F.G.; Gibson, L.A.S.; Guldager, P.; Styles, B.T.; Turnbull, J.W.
10 A Manual on Species and Provenance Research with Particular Reference to The TropicsBurley, J.; Wood, P.J.
11 The First Look at AgathisWhitmore, T.C.
12 Descriptions of Seed Sources and Collections for Provenances of Pinus caribaeaGreaves, A.
13 Descriptions of Seed Sources and Collections for Provenances of Pinus oocarpaGreaves, A.
14 A Manual of Permanent Plot Procedures for Tropical RainforestsSynnott, T.J.
15 A Guide to Species Selection for Tropical and Sub-Tropical PlantationsWebb, D.B.; Wood, P.J.; Smith, J.P.; Henman, G.S.
16 A Philosophy of Breeding Strategy for Tropical Forest TreesNamkoong, G.; Barnes, R.D.; Burley, J.
17 Pinus caribaea Vol. IIPlumptre, R.A.
18 Provenance Regions for Pinus caribaea and Pinus oocarpa within the Republic of HondurasRobbins, A.M.J. and Hughes, C.E.
19 Forestry Research in Eastern and Southern AfricaBurley, J.; Armitage, F.B.; Barnes, R.D.; Gibson, G.L.; Hardcastle, P.D.; Huguet, L.; Plumptre, R.A.; Wood, P.J.
20 A Guide to the Use of Mexican and Belizean TimbersEchenique-Manrique, R.; Plumptre, R.A.
21 Provenance Variation in Pinus caribaea, P.oocarpa and P.patula ssp. tecunumaniiBirks, J.S.; Barnes, R.D.
22 Cordia alliodora. A Promising Tree for Tropical AgroforestryGreaves, A.; McCarter, P.S.
23 Procedures for Monitoring Tree Growth and Site ChangeAdlard, P.G.
24 Common Property Resource Management in IndiaArnold, J.E.; Stewart, W.C.
25 Permanent Sample Plot Techniques for Mixed Tropical ForestAdlard, P.G.; Synott, T.J.
26 Wood Biomass Estimation of Central American Dry Zone SpeciesStewart, J.L.; Dunsdon, A.J.; Hellin, J.J.; Hughes, C.E.
27 Patterns of Farmer Tree Growing in East Africa: A Socioeconomic AnalysisWarner, K.
28 "PROSPECT" for Improved Use of Tropical TimbersSmith, J.P.; Plumptre, R.A.; Brazier, J.D.; Burclaff, V.T.; Dorey, C.E.
29 Ecological Profiles of Ghanaian Forest TreesHawthorne, W.D.
30 Growth modeling for Mixed Tropical ForestsAlder, D.
31 Forest Products and Household IncomesTownson, I.M.
32 Acacia karroo. Monograph and Annotated BibliographyBarnes, R.D.; Filer, D.L.; Milton, S.J.
33 Gliricidia sepium. Genetic Resources for FarmersStewart, J.L.; Allison, G.E.; Simons, A.J.
34 Silvics and Wood Properties of The Common Timber Tree Species on KolombangaraBurslem, D.F.R.P.; Whitmore, T.C.
35 Acacia erioloba. Monograph and Annotated BibliographyBarnes, R.D.; Fagg, C.W.; Milton, S.J.
36 Cordia alliodora. Genetics and Tree ImprovementsBoshier, D.H.; Lamb, A.T.
37 Leucaena. A Genetic Resources Handbook.Hughes, C.E.
38 Participatory Inventory. A Field Manual Written with Special Reference to IndonesiaStockdale, M.C.; Corbett, J.M.S
39 Bombacopsis quinata. Un Arbol Maderable para ReforestarCordero, J.; Boshier, D.H.
40 Calliandra calothyrsus. An Agroforestry Tree for The Humid TropicsChamberlain, J.R.
41 Faidherbia albida. Monograph and Annotaed BibliographyBarnes, R.D.; Fagg, C.W.
42 Acacia senegal and The Gum Arabic Trade.Fagg, C.W.; Allison, G.E.
43 Effect of Environment on Wood Density and Pulp Quality of Five Pine Species Grown in Southern AfricaClarke, C.R.E.; Morris, A.R.; Palmer, E.R.; Barnes, R.D.; Baylis, W.B.H.; Burley, J.; Gourlay, I.D.; O'Brien, E.; Plumptre, R.A.; Quilter, A.K.

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